We have mapped 65 areas in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs - and you are welcome to use any of these for training activities or wide games.

A number of our better maps are available on this site in PDF form - all you have to do is print them. Where appropriate, we'll provide aerial photography of the same area - a great way to show children how a map is made.

If you can't find the map you want, please get in touch. We may still be able to help.


We have several sets of orienteering controls with matching punches. 

Combined with our maps, these controls are a great way to introduce children to maps and increase their spatial awareness. 

Click on the icon above to see the equipment currently available.

training material

While we do provide instruction to children at our events, there's not a lot one can say in the 5-10 minutes available.

Much better, if you introduce the basic concepts before coming to our events - so the kids are better prepared. They'll get much more out of the exercise if you do this.

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We have an amazing group of volunteers - many of whom are or have been scout leaders. Most of these people are very experienced navigators - having taken part in orienteering, rogaining and bushwalking over many years.

While these folks are pretty busy, we may be able to help if the time and location are right. It doesn't hurt to ask...