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Organising an Activity

You can use our maps and courses in a variety of ways.


Melbourne's parks provide a fantastic opportunity for all sort of outdoor activities. Run (or walk) as a family or in a team with your son or daughter. 

Children can understand the basic concepts as early as 3 to 4 years old - our simpler courses provide a great way to introduce children to  maps. As they get older and fitter, our courses provide an opportunity for parents and children to work together to solve a navigational puzzle.

Navigation sports produce self-assured, confident kids; why not try this out with your kids?


Our site provides spatial awareness activities for Joeys, basic map-reading for Cubs and navigation skills for Scouts. Joeys and Cubs are accompanied by at least one leader or parent.

We ask Scouts to run in teams of 2 (or 3 if there are younger scouts). Pairing a younger scout with an older one works well - the younger one learns how to read maps and navigate and the older one learns how to coach youngsters.

Our site is growing slowly - but will, in time, provide a valuable resource for leaders. Please get in touch if you have material that would make our site even more useful.

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