About Adventure Racing

Modelled on the sport of rogaining, Suburban Adventure Racing is a navigation sport where you visit checkpoints marked on a map. You can run or walk, you can go alone or as part of a team, you can take the dog or, if you wish, push a pram. In all cases, the challenge is to visit as many checkpoints as you can in 60 minutes. 

The goal of our series is to encourage local youth groups and members of the local community to get outdoors and enjoy Melbourne's parks and reserves. 

Suburban Adventure Racing is a low-cost, social activity - run by volunteers as a contribution to the local community. 

When is the next event?

We run 24 events per year during the Daylight Saving period. While the series is centred on the Whitehorse council area, we provide some events to the North, East, South and West of this area to encourage groups in those areas to take part. 

For a list of Coming Events, see our Events Page.

If you can't make it on Tuesdays, Orienteering Victoria run a public series most evenings during the week and occasionally on Saturdays and Sundays. For details of these events see StreetO Central.

How much does it cost?

Right from the beginning of our series (7 years ago), we decided that we would never charge youth groups - including Scouts, Guides and others that may wish to come along.

The fees paid by Adults are low - an annual $5 joining fee pays public liability insurance and covers the cost of a rental stick for the season. People that are VRA members do not pay this fee.

In addition to the joining fee, we charge Adults $2 per event - we're never going to get rich running these events (and besides...all money raised is donated to local youth groups).

Youngsters that are accompanied by an adult, enter free of charge - we don't charge kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

The activity runs for 60 minutes - whether you run or walk, you have 60 minutes from when you press START. You can start any time between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.  If coming for the first time, try to arrive by 6:30 so you can register and familiarise yourself with the map and how to read it. 

What should I wear?

Well, that depends on whether you plan to walk or run. If walking, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing - suitable for a one hour walk. If running, then you are probably familiar with what you need to wear for a 5-6 km run.

Can I go with someone else?

Yes, of course! Rogaining is a team sport and walking with family or friends is a great way to catch up with one another - as long as somebody is still paying attention to the map.

Can I bring the family?

Like all rogaines - the activity is family-friendly. Many of our participants compete with their partner (and some compete against). Currently, we have husband/wife teams, grandparents with children, parents with children and groups of friends - all of whom compete with and against one another.

Can I bring the dog?

Yes, dogs enjoy the exercise too (although most do have trouble punching the controls).

What time can I start?

Any time between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm - although we are sometimes ready to go a little earlier than this.

What happens at Course Closure time

We collect the checkpoints, put all the gear in our van and head for home to publish the report and results for that evening. If you're still out on the course around 8:00 pm and the control appears to be gone (ie already collected), just keep going and head back as soon as you can. You can "claim" additional controls when you download at the finish computer. Note that the scorer reserves the right to approve/deny "claimed controls" as appropriate.

What do I do if I get lost?

First, try and relocate (ie try to work out where you are). It's always best if you can get back under your own steam. If necessary, return to the last control punched and wait there - our control collectors will see you there and bring you back to the finish. If you can't find the control, wait in an open, well lit area - if in streets, on a corner. 

If concerned at all, call the emergency number - printed on the map.

What if someone is injured?

Abandon your course - and provide assistance. If you have a phone, call the emergency number and we will provide help immediately. 
If the injury seems more serious, call 000 for emergency assistance...and provide first-aid to the injured person.

Can I help?

Our series is run by volunteers as a service to the community. Lots of our regulars pitch in to help out - by arriving early to help set up, by serving cool drinks/water to finishers on hot days, by collecting controls or by helping to pack up. It all helps - and it's a great way to get to know others in the group.

Hey Rogaining sounds interesting - where can I get more information?

Rogaining is the obvious choice for anyone interested in bushwalking and navigation in a family or team environment. Check out our rogaining page - or go directly to the VRA Home Page.

Do I have to be fit?

Not really, if you can walk casually for 45-50 minutes, you'll be fine.  We do, however, caution people to be sensible - never increase exercise load too quickly and, if in doubt at all, get medical advice before taking part.