Suburban Adventures - 2021

Navigation sports provide you with the opportunity to venture outdoors and enjoy Melbourne's parks and gardens. Learn how to read maps, how to navigate from point to point, get a little exercise and keep in touch with friends.

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MapRun is a smartphone app that tracks you as you move around a course. It beeps as you reach controls, uploads at the end of the event and allows you to see your result and that of others,

Coming Events

We have a formal series during the Summer Daylight Saving period.

In October 2021, we'll be back again with weekly events and huge numbers of youngsters.

Practise Courses

Our Permanent Courses allow you to run any day, any time.

Use these courses for a pack/troop activity or get outdoors with the family and friends.


Information for Leaders and Parents covering basic spatial awareness right up to advanced navigation skills.

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